A quick Hen Party FAQ

What is this all about?

Our beloved Nadine has decided to marry her Dutchman Remy. Upon commencing wedding planning she decided to appoint 2 bridesmaids; Mel & Laura. Remy also appointed 2 best men; Floris & Raoul who decided to send a HTML email as part of their stag party planning. Never to be outdone, either in beer drinking or general buffoonery; Mel & Laura decided to compile a website, in the theme of the hen party - Cardigansandcurls.com was born.

Tell me more about the hen party?

We're hoping it will have something for everyone, starting with a relaxed afternoon, plenty of opportunities to chat, and for those hardcore hens amongst us; a few drinks and a lot of dancing. For those of you travelling out of town, we'll be in touch and help as much as possible with travel and accommodation. We're aiming for something very relaxed, and our only ask is you help with the theme of the day, and bring a cardigan!

So, Cardigans and Curls...

Ah yes!  So cardigans are available from most good retailers, although we feel we need to mention that Boden cardigans are highly wearable, of a superior quality and you can rest assured they have some excellent, back office financial management.

Curls - we plan to have options for hair curling available at the hen party. Alas, we cannot guarantee they will be up to Nadine standards, but we can try our best to make sure you fit the theme beautifully.

Why is Nadine marrying a guy with such a large head?

We don't know. I mean, some days, we don't know how he remains balanced with such a large head on his shoulders. However we do know that he loves Nadine - at least as much as we do, and is a charming, intelligent, funny, caring and all around amazing guy. He also promised to buy the first round if we wrote nice things.

How will Brexit affect Cardigans and Curls?

If anything, Brexit has accelerated the Netherwelsh wedding plans, ensuring all foreigners are allowed to continue to pay high percentages of tax to the UK. We kindly request that all Brexiters politely decline the Hen Party invite.

What if I have actual questions?

Never fear! Drop us an email at: lauraannebrown@email.com or melpowch450@hotmail.co.uk and we'll get back to you and try and help in a more serious way!